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Webinar : Private Enforcement and Collective Redress in Europe – A Timely Webinar You Can’t Afford to Miss!

Webinar Private Enforcement

February 20, 2024 . 12 PM

As Europe stands on the cusp of a new era with the impending European Collective Redress Directive, the landscape of private enforcement beckons for a closer examination. Will this directive bridge the gaps and offer a cohesive framework, or will it leave too much ambiguity, causing a divergence in member states’ implementations? This pivotal webinar delves into these critical questions, offering invaluable insights for both plaintiffs and defendants navigating the complex terrain of private enforcement.

Featured Speakers:
Dr. Katharina Kolb; Carsten Krüger; Maria José Azar-Baud; and Miguel Sousa Ferro

Moderated by: Philipp Tillmann

Why Attend?

Gain cutting-edge insights into the future of collective redress in Europe.

Understand the implications of the European Collective Redress Directive for private enforcement.


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