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The French criminal jurisdiction : an age-old and atypical court of laws which is constrantly reforming itself.

DURANçON Delphine

Directeur de thèse : Haritini Matsopoulou

The French criminal jurisdiction can be identified thanks to its singularities since the court has been established in 1791. Its features lie in not only its composition but also in its running. These are the two aspects of the topic we have chosen to work on.

First of all, the composition of the court depends on the participation of citizens in judging : the jury. This particularity can be found in the History before the XVIII th century. However, we still wonder about this form of Justice. The thesis deals with the origins of the jury, the reasons of its passing. We will wonder about the oportunity to keep this particularity in the French judiciary system. Also, it is interesting to identify the members of the jury.

Then, the running of the French criminal jurisdiction has recently been questionned. New laws have transformed the institution so that its particularities are becoming less marked. These initiatives are pertinent and must be continued. This is the only way the institution can be more efficient and respectful of modern law and european definition of Justice.

Despite the fact the French criminal jurisdiction is a two hundred-year old institution which link with the French Revolution is certain, it constantly evolves to legitimate.