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The « saisie-appréhension »

GUERRE Florence

Directeur de thèse : Jacques Pellerin

Description of the doctoral dissertation

The saisie-appréhension, in spite of its newness, stays nowadays widely unknown by the doctrine. However, in so far as it stands ensure for specific performance of some obligations to do like delivery or restitution of tangible movables, this measure offers new prospects concerning the civil proceedings of execution as well as Law of obligations. Its aim is based indeed on a logical different from the one which controls traditionally the other executions all, this new logical allows to resolve problems about the classification of obligation in accordance with their object.This study has so in view to determine this measure and to show its interests, what induces to analysis in Law of seizures and in substantial law. At the end of this one, the saisie-appréhension will come to light as the other face of specific performance.